BELSIANG Adult Sex Swing and 360 Degree Spinning Indoor Swing, Sex Swing Set with Premium Paint Stand and Widened Thick Comfortable Swing(Ultimate Enhanced Version)– Sexstore 101

BELSIANG Adult Sex Swing and 360 Degree Spinning Indoor Swing, Sex Swing Set with Premium Paint Stand and Widened Thick Comfortable Swing(Ultimate Enhanced Version)

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Color: Black


  • ❤Swing hook upgrade,Can act on concrete structures or wooden structures.Built to be much more comfortable and sturdy than other low budget ones.Swing hook Supports Up to 1200lbs,Swing rope supports Up to 650lbs.
  • ❤The seat cushion and waist cushion are widened (13.5 cm /5.2in)and thickened(3.3cm/1.3in)).Plush cushions use high-quality plush materials, more soft and comfortable. We learned that the cushion will deform and narrow immediately after receiving the weight of the human body (this will make people feel pain), so when we designed this plush cushion, we specially added a layer of leather cushion under the sponge to make It can work like a sofa and feel comfortable!
  • ❤Adjusting buckle is stainless steel, no plastic parts.Pay attention to the customer's letter:We have upgraded the "D" ring thicker, more secure.widened and thickened cushions, more conducive to relax the back
  • ❤Piano paint stand, exquisite workmanship.Torsion spring for weightless sex experience,Enjoy Weightless Sex in Unlimited Positions with your partner.Floating in Mid-air Whilst Orgasming!
  • ❤Gift Package. Included instructions (without embarrassing graphics on the outer packaging.Added horseshoes, clover, snails and other graphic elements, good luck wishes to you and your lover!)

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Sex swivel swing for adult & 360 Degree Spinning Indoor Swing BELSIANG brand, strive for excellence,Make life happy and interesting!!! (Foot)(unilateral)Adjusting rope length is 0-46.5 inches (Hips)(unilateral)Adjusting rope length is 0-61.5 inches (Waist)(unilateral)Adjusting rope length is 0-51inches ❤why do you love: Want to experience closer and deeper? Want to add some fun to the normal daily life? Want to play the sexual game differ from the usual with your lover? Then join us soon.Suitable for novice to try BDSM Make your marriage sweeter and happier! You're bound to love them! Unlock more postures with our sex swing. Immerse yourself in the titillating joys of bawdy bedroom fun. Open your heart to the wilder side of love, and embrace the satisfaction you have always dreamed of.If you want, our swing can also be used perfectly as a yoga swing。necessary for exercise and fitness! !! ❤Why choose me? 1, our swing is made of stainless steel + piano paint, high quality!2,Compared to the entire market, our swing cushions are wider and thicker! Unique innovation first, add leather pad (comfortable upgrade)3,Upgraded hooks, 360-degree rotation, double screws are more secure and reliable, and can be used for concrete or wooden structures. (The traditional hook has only one screw, which is not strong and cannot act on wooden structures.)4,Brand-name products, in original box, with instructions, easy to use. trustworthy!(The box has no awkward graphics. Added horseshoes, clover, snails and other graphic elements,good luck wishes to you and your lover! )5,Examine the global market, you will find similar products, seat cushions and lumbar support cushions up to 10 cm / 3.9 inches wide. But our products are widened to 13 cm / 5.1 inches.6,The plush material of the cushion is upgraded again, which is more luxurious and comfortable. The D ring is thicker and firmer.

Package Dimensions: 17.1 x 9.3 x 5.9 inches