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A Safer Sex Product For Sexual Health

Safer Sex Products is one of the best way to have better sexual relationship with your partner. With these products you can have better control on your sensitivity levels, thereby reducing the chances of having an unwanted sexual experience. Get free condoms and many other safer sex products across the city. Condoms are very effective in averting the dreaded sexual transmission of HIV and several other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Safer Sex Products


The New York City Department of Health has put forth a plan for the safe-sex products distribution in the city. Under this program the distribution of free condoms is made available to all registered sex offenders in NYC. The distribution is done in two phases. During one phase of the condoms will be distributed to the people who need them; and at the end of the program all those who need a free condom will be checked and given a free condom. The target group for the program is the sex offenders who commit unnatural sex offenses and those who abuse condoms.


Safer Sex Products is one of the best methods of achieving safer sexual activity. These products prevent the risk of getting infected with HIV and other sexually transmittable diseases by wearing them during sexual activity. There are also other ways to achieve safer sex products by using barrier methods. However, the main idea behind these products is to protect the users from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Condom lubes and lubricants are one of the safer sex products. These products reduce the friction while having sexual intercourse and makes the whole act more comfortable. They also contain non-toxic and organic lubricants. Some of the lubricants used for lubricating the penis include water-based, oil-based and silicone-based lubes. Other lubricants used for birth control are the diaphragm-based, cervical sponge, and the female condom.


Since male condoms were manufactured and distributed in New York State, it is considered a legal product and people are allowed to buy and sell them. However, distribution and sale of male condoms in New York City have become illegal since the introduction of the new York health department guidelines on condom use. The city has filed a complaint against the manufacturers of the male condoms, asking them to put the word "condom" on their packaging so that customers would know that they are protected by a condom. The manufacturers were asked to place the phrase "condom" only if they want the sale of their products. According to the health department, the sale and distribution of male condoms were violating the state law.


The state department of health sent warnings and advisory letters to banks, credit card companies, drugstores, and sexually transmitted infections clinics. In addition, they sent warning letters to manufacturers of oral medications, adult diapers, dental care services and hospitals. According to the letter, these companies had to make sure that patients who receive these services also have access to a safe sex product. The New York State Department of Health believes that the distribution of these harmful products to the sexual partners of those seeking services could reduce the number of cases of gonorrhea and genital herpes that are reported each year. The health department also fears that pregnant women may transmit bacteria from their reproductive organs back to men or women who are having sexual relations.


The health department also found that when condoms were replaced with non-latex lubricants, there was a significant reduction in the number of reported cases of gonorrhea and herpes. According to the study, researchers believe that women who used a non-lubricated condom and used a non-odor lubricant had a one percent decrease in the gonorrhea and a three percent decrease in the herpes outbreaks that they were exposed to. The dental dams that were used in the studies reduced the rate of bacterial vaginosis. However, the researchers were not able to find a connection between the dental dams and the condoms that contain no lubricant at all.


The findings are important for many reasons. The most common reason is because condoms can be used by people of any age, not just teenagers. Furthermore, the best way to create a more secure sexual experience is to use a condom even when having multiple partners. Condom use is the best way to protect your sexual health while also reducing the risk for unintended pregnancy. Additionally, when you replace your lubricant with a non-latex product, you are not only creating a safer sexual experience but you are making it easier to ensure that you do not get pregnant. Changing your way of using a condom is an easy way to create a healthier relationship with your body.