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Chenhon control limb holders restraint for bed …

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Brand: Chenhon


  • A.eration is simple
  • B.Cotton will not harm the skin of patients
  • C.To ensure the safety of patients and the effective medical care
  • D.Can effectively prevent the planned pullout, prevention of self harm protect the physical safety of non treatment of pipeline.
  • E.Can effectively control the lower limb movement

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Product Description: Product characteristic: effectively overcomes the previous restricting effect on the skin damage and peripheral circulatory defects, provide effective constraints, to ensure the safety of patients and the nursing treatment smoothly, improve the quality of nursing; the strong anti tension cotton cloth fixing belt and lengthened, double insurance device, effectively guarantee the purpose and security constraints. The material characteristics: the strong tensile resistance of cotton cloth cut into the middle blank design can form a simple slipknot in constraint, in the case of the struggle of restlessness patients more tightly, so as to ensure the effectiveness of constraint. Product function: 1) to prevent patients with scratches, bruises, falling out of bed or extubation, self injury and injury accidents such as he; 2) with severe cognitive impairment or (and) physical dysfunction patients or patients with cognitive disorder the use of medical equipment such as ECG, intravascular indwelling needle etc.. The crowd: severe (ICU) unconscious in patients with cognitive disorders, behavior disorders, and assess the risk of falling patients, insanity injury prone patients themselves or others.

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 5.9 x 0.6 inches